This page contains templates for activities and lesson planning that will be useful to teachers who wish to integrate stories and storytelling into their world language classes.


Comic Strips

Free Printable Comic Strip Templates



CreatingEbooksWithPpt.jpg- Links to instructions and a downloadable template

Felt Board & Flannel Panel Stories

BillyBear4Kids: Folder Flannel Storyboard
- Template for creating a portable flannel board from a pocket folder

BillyBear4Kids: Traveling Felt Flannel Board
- Template for creating a large, portable flannel board

Flannel_Panel_Stories.jpg - Sample flannel panels with people and animals (available commercially)


Finger Puppet Stories

FreeKidsCrafts.jpg - Make simple finger puppets from pipe cleaners and pom pons

ManualidadesInfantiles.jpg - Patrones para títeres de fieltro (extensive list of links to patterns for puppets with instructions in Spanish)

HowToBuildAFoldUpPuppetTheatre.jpg- Step-by-step instructions for building a fold-up puppet theater (accompanied by diagrams)

Puppetools.jpg - Fantastic site with downloadable paper bag puppet patterns, resources, and materials


CatawbaCountySchoolsFoldables.jpg - Templates for a wide variety of different kinds of foldables

FoldablesAreWonderful.gif - A wiki dedicated to foldables (includes templates for different types)

Graphic Organizers

AlwaysFormative.JPG - Graphic organizers for scaffolding scientific writing (in English)

FreeGraphicOrganizersForStudyingAndAnalyzing.JPG - Excellent, very professional-looking collection

Graphic Organizers - Free, printable graphic organizers from Teach-nology

WriteDesignOnlineGraphicOrganizers.gif - Graphic organizer templates organized by function (analyze, brainstorm, compare and contrast, evaluate, hypothesize, interact, sequence, visualize)

Pop-up Books

SimplePopupsYouCanMake.gif- A photo index of darling pop-up animals and cards (for which you can download the templates).

HowToMakeAPopUpPhotograph.jpg - Step-by-step instructions with diagrams for turning photographs into pop-ups

JapaneseHousePopUp.gif - Download the PDFs, print them out, and create a pop-up house (Instructions in Japanese)

PictureBooksPopUpJapanese.jpg - Blog in Japanese that contains lots of ideas and photos about making pop-up books

Scientific Writing Scaffolds


Sentence Frames

SignalWords.JPG - Lists of words students can use when contrasting, comparing, describing, sequencing, or writing about cause and effect

Text Structure Frames - Templates that scaffold various types of informational paragraph writing (in English)

Text Structures - A single worksheet containing text structures, definitions, signal words, summary questions, paragraph frames, and graphic organizers for each of the 5 major informational text structures

Shadow Puppet Stories

HowToMakeAShadowPuppetTheater.jpg - (Out of a cereal box)

Ocean Life Shadow Puppet Templates

ShadowPuppets.jpg - Templates for a Chinese dragon and emperor

Smoosh Books

SmooshAnimals.jpg - Extinct Animal Project

Illustrated Instructions & Template

poofbooktitle.gif - Photo instructions and a link to a template

Photo Instructions in PowerPoint



rubistar_logo.gif - This online tool allows you to select Digital Storytelling in the Multimedia Projects section, and then customize a rubric based on pre-set categories. You can also search for "digital storytelling" to find rubrics other teachers have created

ScoringGuidesDigitales.jpg - This online tool allows you to select a type of digital storytelling assignment, and then customize the parameters to create your own scoring guide



CenterForMediaLiteracy.gif - 5 key questions and core concepts re: media literacy

MultimediaSeedsLogo.gifVideo Warm-ups - An extensive list of fun, interactive activities to prepare students to create stories on video

VisualLiteracy.jpg - A beautifully designed site that walks students through the pre-, during, and post-production stages of video production (note the tabbed navigation on the right)