This page contains links to resources that will be useful to teachers seeking to integrate stories and storytelling into their world language courses.

AStoriedCareerLogo.jpg - Blog about post-modern forms of storytelling
AWholeNewMind.jpg - Contains an entire chapter on the power of story

AdLitLogo.png - Website devoted to adolescent literacy with excellent reading activities and free, downloadable templates

Bedetheque.png - A searchable database of comics in French

  • Bibliodiversia - Blog in Spanish that reviews culturally authentic children's books that highlight/support diversity

TheBigBookOfBooksAndActivities.jpg- Book filled with patterns for different kinds of books students can make by Dinah Zike

DoucetteChildrensLiteratureWebGuideLogo.gif - Useful list of links related to children's literature (from Canada)

ClubLeo.jpg - Inexpensive place to order children's books in Spanish

ComicsInEducation.gif - A website created by graphic novelist Gene Yang that contains a history of comics in education, reasons for using comics in education, and quality resources (both online and print-based) for educators who wish to use comics in their classrooms. (From Gene Yang)

Common Core Sentence Frames - Really helpful planning worksheets in English. Each contains a Common Core Standard, a checklist of essential skills required to meet the standard, a list of academic vocabulary needed for the task in both English & Spanish, question stems, and teaching notes & strategies.

DibujosParaColorearCuentos.JPG - Coloring pages in Spanish

Digitales.jpg - A site dedicated to the art of digital storytelling

ds106Logo.png - An open course on digital storytelling

EditionsScholasticFrenchLogo.gif - Inexpensive place to order children's books in French

15ReproducableReadAndWriteBooks.jpg - Templates elementary students can use to create books in Spanish

GabrieleGalimbertiToyStories.JPG - Images of children from around the world with their favorite toys and a brief paragraph about each one

GoingGraphic.jpg - Cary, Stephen. Going graphic: Comics at work in the multilingual classroom. Heinemann. ISBN 0-325-00475-7. A phenomenal book filled with practical ideas and activities for using comics as a tool for language teaching and learning in the K-12 classroom. The book is well-organized, research-based, and contains lesson plans and sample student work.

cogdogroo.jpg - 50 tools for telling a digital story, compiled by Alan Levine

HowToUseDigitalStorytellingInYourClassroomEdutopia.jpg - 7 key considerations for teachers

HowToReadAndApproachCulturalDifferencesAndStereotypes.JPG - Handouts from an ACTFL 2010 presentation that contain a comic analysis worksheet form, a comic creation worksheet that asks students to analyze complementarity, contrast, and redundant relationships among images and text, lesson plans, project rubrics, and more

IsYourStorytaleDragging.jpg- Collection of stories in English designed for elementary students. Each story features a different method for engaging students' during the story (i.e., papercutting, etc.)

Lance Weiler: Building Storywords from Power to the Pixel on Vimeo.

Listen & See - Extensive collection of digital stories, organized by genre

LiteratureBasedReadingActivities.jpg- Book is full of successful pre-, during, and post-reading activities for children's books commonly used in elementary schools--ideas can be easily adapted to other books

MoreComicsAndConversation.jpg-- One of a series of three books filled with reproducible blackline masters of humorous, wordless stories told through cartoons. Great for practicing narration in any language

MysteriesInTheMiddle.JPG - Very professional handout that provides instructions and examples for a host of reading strategies for middle schoolers

logo.gif - A series of thematic units in French, Japanese, & Spanish available for free download (includes the unit about the giant and the little girl who is a cook)

TheOneMinutesJrLogo.gif - One-minute videos created by students from around the world, organized by country and topic (addiction, animals, child rights, cultural diversity, daily life, education, humor, illness, migration, poverty, sports, technology, etc.) BE SURE TO PREVIEW THESE AS SOME ARE NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CLASSROOM USE!

PonUnCuentitoEnOrden.jpg - 4 panel, illustrated stories in Spanish that can be cut apart and sequenced by elementary students


RealWorldTextsClementiSandrock.JPG - A PowerPoint presentation from an ACTFL session that contains loads of great examples for engaging students with culturally authentic texts in pedagogically sound ways

Resonate.jpg - Fascinating book outlines the importance of storytelling as the foundation of all presentations (20-word summary)

Rory's Story Cubes - Can you create a story that connects all 9 images on the story cubes?


Teach 21 Strategy Bank

Text Types & Story Poster


25ScienceSpanishMinibooks.jpg - Templates for a variety of different mini-books in Spanish that reinforce elementary science concepts
35WaysToPublishStudents.jpg- Book filled with patterns for different types of cross-curricular foldables, pop-ups, and other projects



Social Media Tools for Reading