This page contains reading strategy templates.

Reading Strategies

General Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies That Benefit All Learners

MysteriesInTheMiddle.JPG - 8 reading strategies organized around a detective theme in English
ReadingStrategiesScaffoldingStudentsInteractionsWithText.JPG - Excellent strategies with literary examples for helping students to make sense of literature (navigation on the left)




Text Rendering Protocol - Students identify the sentence that means the most to them, then their favorite phrase, then their favorite word



Pre-reading Activities

Anticipation Guide

Environmental Print

Inquiry Chart

KWL Chart - Modified

During Reading Activities

Compare & Contrast Chart


Reading Comprehension Strategies

Responding to Non-fiction Template

Vocabulary Word Map

Post-reading Activities

ABC Brainstorm

Common Core Sentence Frames

Lesson Closure

Making Inferences

Non-fiction Reading Response Choice Boards

Sentence Starters for Reader Response

Somebody Wanted But So

Story Map

Story Pyramid

Sum It Up

3, 2, 1

Venn Diagram (2 circles)

Venn Diagram (3 circles)

Venn Diagram with Summary Paragraph