This page contains links to non-fiction, content-based readings and resources that can be used for language teaching and learning.

Sources for Non-fiction Texts

MuyInteresanteLogo.jpg- Brief tidbits about various current events and interesting stories in the news (also available from Spain)

Genre/Text Structures

Non-fiction Text Structures

20 Strategies to Teach Text Structure - Includes a list of strategies, sample graphic organizers, and a list of children's books that utilize each text structure

Text Structure Posters - Color posters with titles, illustrations, and signal words for each text type

Text Structure Frames (Updated Version) - Sentence frames in English for each of the common expository text structures

Making Inferences

Inference Chart - Teacher uses chart paper and post-its to teach students to make inferences from fiction


EngagingStudentsThroughCriticalReading.JPG - Excellent blog post that distinguishes between critical thinking and critical reading, then provides concrete strategies for engaging students in critical reading

LiteracyLeaderLogo.png - Excellent site filled with free, printable resources

40 Best Practice Instructional Activities