This page contains links to international children's book award lists.

BatchelderAwardWinners1968-Present.JPG - A yearly award given for the "children's book considered to be the most outstanding of those books originally published in a foreign language in a foreign country, and subsequently translated into English and published in the United States"

ChildrensBookAwards.JPG - A list of English-language children's book awards from countries like Australia, England, and New Zealand, as well as the U.S.

DatabaseOfAwardWinningChildrensLiterature.jpg - Searchable database

InternationalLiteracyAssociation.JPG - Publishes yearly reading lists based on children's choices, teachers' choices, and young people's choices

OutsideInWorldLogo.JPG - An organization devoted to "exploring world literature and children's literature in translation"

TheWorldThroughPictureBooks.JPG - A list of picture books in a variety of languages from countries around the world, selected by librarians

USBBY_Logo_1.jpg- Publishes a list of outstanding international books each year