This page contains links to compelling stories.

Assignment Possibilities

Mockumentary: Hilariously Miserable Existence of a Georgia Fan

The Story of Hans (From The One Minutes, Jr.)


One Minute - A one-minute video about the importance of using time wisely

My Hero Short Film Festival

When Flowers Fall - A multimedia presentation in English that combines haiku poetry, kanji, and digital photography to present insights and issues related to aging in Japan. A great model for how students might explore social issues from the cultural perspective of a particular group and communicate their findings using digital storytelling

Wisdom - Note the multimedia examples here - students could do something in print (i.e., like the book format), or video (see the film), etc.


DigitalStorytellingStudents.jpg - A collection of student-created digital stories on a wide variety of topics

DigitalStorytellingTeachersScottCounty.jpg- A collection of teacher-created digital stories on a wide variety of topics

What If Money Didn't Matter? - A short, 3-minute video that poses the question and provides a rationale for living life based on your interests rather than on societal expectations. Suggests that as teachers, we spend our time preparing students to replicate patterns of life that do not bring happiness.


- Las aventuras de Juan Bobo


AbuelaByArthurDorrosGoogleLitTrip.jpg - A Google Lit Trip by Arthur Dorros (requires that Google Earth be installed)

- Fastest & Funniest Star Wars Ever Told

Hans - A cute, one-minute video about the daily routine of someone's pet woodlouse. This could serve as a great model for a student project that would work well for practicing reflexive verbs.

HowtoonsLogo.jpg - Comic strips that teach kids how to do things

- "Mockumentary" about UFOs in Italian

Nanoism.jpg - Stories written in 140 characters

Shaun White HP Commercial - A very engaging commercial designed to appeal to teens



TitanicTwoTheSurface.jpg - A fake trailer for a sequel to Titanic made from a mash-up of more than 10 different popular movies

TwitterFiction.jpg - Fiction in 140 characters or less